RCT800 LED Lights v2

Added a strip of blue LEDs to both of the leading RCT800 arms in order to aid visibility (not following any regulations now). This makes it look more like a UFO but it’s still easy enough to lose orientation. Now that they have been installed I’ve realized that they would have been more practical on the bottom/side of the RCT800 arms; when the Hex is above you these LEDs are not visible!! I guess I’ll just have to add more LEDs and wait for lights version 3!!

It’s almost too bright to take a picture of:

RCT800 LED Lights v1

Every aircraft needs lights!! Added Red (left) and Green (right) LEDs to the RCT800. Also added some Red, Blue, and Green to the interior of the craft for “bling”. The LEDs are wired up on a Turnigy receiver switch and can be turned on and off from the TX!

In General, Proper lighting for an aircraft is:

  • Red on the Left – check, I did that ;.)
  • Green on the Right – check, I did that ;.)
  • White as far aft as possible – Nope, didn’t like that scheme and it’s only an RC UAV…