Ansnorveldt: flying around an empty space

Recently tried to capture a sunset at a local nature conservancy: Ansnorveldt (not sure what the heck that name is about but apparently its also a hamlet in Ontario?).


There are about 3-4 houses nearby (whats the definition of Hamlet again?) but otherwise this area is mostly deserted! After recently crashing I am looking for deserted areas to fly around and film so the risks are minimal. I don’t want to risk an accident and I am still not certain about my craft given that it flew away without a well known cause. (I suspect parts failure and the parts has been fixed… but you never know)

Anyway, flying in a deserted area also allows you to have some comfort about flying fairly high/far… not sure if the video worked out how I saw it in my head (there was a good sunset and it was a nice night) but there is a pretty good view of the Holland Marsh at points and the farmer just across the street is irrigating his fields. Ansnorveldt is mostly fields and a few little forests here and there; a good place to hike and check out the birds. There are quite a few hiking paths and relic buildings on this property (accessible from both Dufferin and Bathurst) and a million birds!!!:

Back to making videos…

The RCT800 is back up and flying after crashing into a river a few weeks ago. After rebuilding almost the entire aircraft it was finally time to strap on a camera and go make a video of a nearby nature conservancy.

It was a nice day and the area was completely deserted but I was taking it nice and easy too! I lost a little confidence after the crash and I am slowly working back to feeling like the aircraft is an extension of my arm again.

Looks like I am on track since the video shows almost no vibration:

A Phoenix rises…

I am not sure if you can call it a Phoenix when your bird drowns and then rises from the river to fly again? There was no fire involved but the I recently crashed my RCT800 into a river. Besides losing a few sandals, sitting in the river with the power on also seems to have wrecked 4 of my ESCs and my taken away a little of my confidence .

I’ve finally received my replacement parts and I’ve reassembled the RCT800. It’s looking pretty good with the new landing gear extensions I made from bamboo strips glued together (found black ones so they blend in pretty well). They’ll break if I land too hard but they’re fine for controlled landings and it looks more like a flying spider this way (also cheap!!). Plenty of room for cameras under there!!


Different view (a flying spider!):


Power on a ready to fly!!


Anyway, I’ve now made 3 test flights without issue and in slightly heavy winds… I think I am “back in business” although the incident has me reconsidering suitable places to fly and even considering a pre-flight checklist (never intended to get this serious about it but it might be a must with craft this big!).