Blade 350QX Modifications – Faulty Props

Like many people I bought my 350QX without much knowledge of the issues that Blade has had with these props. Of course, after buying the 350QX I did a little research and found that many of the stock blades are actually disintegrating in mid flight. A scary prospect if you are planning to make videos and or fly anywhere near anything!! I think Blade has been replacing the faulty props for people but the other possibility is to ditch the plastic props all together and go with after market parts! This is what I decided to do: get some aftermarket prop mounts and carbon fiber props!!

Used the following Parts for this mod (they work right out of the box):

Small Parts CNC – Blade 350QX Prop Mounts

DJI Phantom Carbon Props (fit the Small Parts CNC prop mount well)

Here are some close ups:



I don’t think I had more than 4-5 flights with my 350QX prior to making this modification so I can’t comment on the relative flight performance but I can say that the above mods seem to work well and still allow me to carry a GoPro/Sony Action cam without much difficulty at all!!

350QX Maiden Flights

Have been dying to fly my new little Quad around to see what quality video I can get. I’m quite happy with the results given the less than ideal conditions for these test flights (this was a very windy day with 20-30km/h winds). A little tentative since the quad is new and I don’t have a good feel for it yet. It seems very stable but at the same time very maneuverable.

Initial thoughts:

  • This is a great stable little quadcopter!!
  • This rig seems ideal for a little camera! I think the “Jello table” camera mount is awesome since the quad doesn’t sound that smooth but the footage seems to be largely absent of vibration. I filmed the above in 20-30kms/h winds and for the most part you can’t tell it was windy. I think I need a similar camera mount for my RCT800 (maybe a little more robust because I’d like to carry a bigger camera)
  • Flight control functions are great and actually quite slick (return to home and safe circle). I paid ~~$400 for a Naza-M flight controller with GPS and only a little more for this fully functional quad. You could make a good argument for the Blade functions actually being better than the Naza but I haven’t done any kind of comparison (yet!).
  • For those of us that like to RTF… they need to provide a real one with the model.
  • Here’s another early flight… conditions weren’t ideal and the 350QX got a little wet because the fog was so thick… Still couldn’t resist going for a flight!!