Blade 350QX Modifications – Camera Mount for Sony Action Cam

Camera Mount for Sony Action Cam: Its pretty easy to put together the existing 350QX camera mount (made specifically for a GoPro) so that you can use your Sony Action Cam instead. It should work for any camera the Quad can carry really.

Here’s what I did:

  • Assemble the two existing Camera Mounts inside out: Top Plate secured to the 350 normally, bottom plate reversed… IE Facing the wrong way if you were assembling for a GoPro.
  • Get a bolt with the right thread size for the Sony Action Camera (1/4″-20) and insert that through one of the existing holes in the “bottom” Camera mount plate. I found a nylon bolt which was very easy to trim to size (you only need 3-4 threads poking through the hole).

Here are some shots of what this looks like: