Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography
There was once a time when you needed an expensive rig of some sort in order to take good aerial photographs. Helicopters, Airplanes, and even really long poles have all been used for taking aerial shots but they’ve all got drawbacks and limitations too.

  • Helicopters are loud, expensive to run, and they disturb a significant amount of the air and environment around them!


  • Airplanes have limited standby abilities and maneuverability and often need to make multiple passes to get the right shot!


  • Really long poles? I’m not sure if these actually qualify as “aerial” photo rigs but long poles have been used with some success to take aerial (looking) shots. Still, there are some obvious drawbacks and you don’t have much hope of taking dynamic pictures or video with this rig.


In many cases, there is a solution which is better than all these alternatives!

  • Modern RC vehicles (planes, helis, and my favorite… multi-copters) really are the ideal solution for taking aerial photographs: they can easily lift a good camera, they are small, maneuverable, and they don’t disturb their surroundings. They can take dynamic photos and movies at a low cost without being stuck on a pole!

Mine is a work in progress and I hope to continuously improve (as you can see on this site) but the sky is the limits ;.)




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