Blade 350QX Modifications – Faulty Props

Like many people I bought my 350QX without much knowledge of the issues that Blade has had with these props. Of course, after buying the 350QX I did a little research and found that many of the stock blades are actually disintegrating in mid flight. A scary prospect if you are planning to make videos and or fly anywhere near anything!! I think Blade has been replacing the faulty props for people but the other possibility is to ditch the plastic props all together and go with after market parts! This is what I decided to do: get some aftermarket prop mounts and carbon fiber props!!

Used the following Parts for this mod (they work right out of the box):

Small Parts CNC – Blade 350QX Prop Mounts

DJI Phantom Carbon Props (fit the Small Parts CNC prop mount well)

Here are some close ups:



I don’t think I had more than 4-5 flights with my 350QX prior to making this modification so I can’t comment on the relative flight performance but I can say that the above mods seem to work well and still allow me to carry a GoPro/Sony Action cam without much difficulty at all!!

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