Cool Turnigy HAL quadcopter

Check out Rob’s cool quadcopter. The Turnigy HAL seems like a robust build. I watched Rob crash fairly hard without damage to the airframe at all. Unfortunately, he did break the landing gear (I have another friend who has broken these same gear in a crash… it may be obvious but these gear aren’t built for too much crashing):

Parts (cool rig!):

  • Hal (585mm) quadcopter
  • Multi Wii Pro 2.0 with ublock GPS
  • JDrones 880kv motors
  • Esc Turnigy plush non simonk

And here’s a shot of why you don’t hold your quadcopter while the props are spinning… Rob had a good crash and it seemed to temporarily put the gyros out a little. Rob was troubleshooting the issue while holding the quad, when the props clipped his arm at start up speeds causing some nice little cuts and bruises on his arm (ouch!):


I’d hate to see what flight speeds would do to your arm but this was a lesson learned (for me too). I’ve been wondering how dangerous these spinning props are!?