Here are a few websites to check out and play around on:


xcopterCalc – an awesome free tool which you can use to figure out if your project is going to work or if there are problems with your planned hardware!

DIY Drones – a cool website with discussion boards related to UAVs and Drones.


Nasa – Who doesn’t love Nasa?!

Universe Today – a great Space information and article website! Great articles/real science/smart commentators! – a great Space information and article website! Lots of new articles daily! – a decent Space information and article website! Some of the comments make me cringe but the articles are generally good!

Bad Astronomy – Phil Plait doesn’t like lies and loves to debunk space myths! If you read it here you know its well founded in real science.


Saatchi Gallery – A place where you can find just about any artwork you like!

Robin Jones Art – Rob is a talented Artist with many great works and concepts. Check him out!

Robin Jones on Saatchi – More of Rob’s great artwork on the Saatchi Gallery!


Phils Adventure – My personal site; mostly photos and a few odd comments/observations!

WordPress Theme Author: Devin Price – Using Devin’s Theme “Visual” on this site. I had intended to make my own theme but this is pretty much what I wanted and the hard work is already done for me. Nice work Devin!

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