General Multicopter/UAV Parts List – What do I need?

Building your own multicopter or UAV isn’t too difficult providing you can do a little soldering and source parts which work well together and meet your requirements. There are many online hobby shops which will allow you to order every part you’d need to make and awesome UAV.

In general, every multicopter will need some version of the following parts in order to fly:

Multicopter Parts list:

  • An Airframe – It seems somewhat obvious but you will need a frame on which to build your craft. Whether you build it yourself or buy a frame this part will have a large impact on your craft’s performance. Airframes are available in many different shapes and sizes. Generally at the moment airframes are tricopters (3 props), quadcopters (4 props), hexacopters (6 props), and octocopters (8 props).
  • Flight Controller – the flight controller is essentially the brains of your aircraft.  This equipment takes in sensor details and user input to determine what your craft needs to do. There are many different models of flight controller available; each with different capabilities, features, and sensors.
  • Receiver (or RX) – A receiver flies on-board the aircraft and like the name indicates this piece of equipment receives a signal (user input) from your transmitter and then relays that information to the flight controller.
  • ESC (electronic speed controller) – controls the speed and direction of the motors in response to input from the flight controller. Each motor you are controlling will need a corresponding ESC to control it. ESCs vary greatly in design and specifications. In multicopters these are essential pieces of equipment because your craft maneuvers by varying the speed of each motor independently.
  • Motors – If you’re building something that flies it will need motors to power that flight. Motors come in every conceivable shape, size, and power. Selecting the right motor for your application will depend greatly on the purpose, size, and weight of your aircraft (and propellers).
  • Props (propellers) – Propellers come in almost every conceivable design and size. Selecting the right propeller for your craft is very important because it influences almost every other parts choice you’ll make. Props influence flight time, power consumption, and aircraft flight performance.
  • Batteries – The power source for your aircraft. Batteries come in many many different shapes, sizes, and capacities.  The right battery for you will most likely be determined by the purpose, weight, and intent of your aircraft.
  • LEDs – LEDs are very useful for lighting and flight orientation purposes.
  • Wires -of course you’ll need a few wires to connect everything together.
  • Connectors – wiring connectors are needed for a variety of applications; like connecting your battery to your aircraft in a removable way.

Related Parts:

  • Transmitter (or TX) – a radio transmitter is used to control your aircraft by sending signals from the ground to the aircraft. It doesn’t fly on the craft but its obviously an essential part of the kit.
  • Battery charger – this is somewhat obvious but you’ll need one of these to recharge your batteries for another flight.

There are several online calculator tools which are very helpful in determining if your parts will work together. A great example is the xcopterCalc calculator; this tool allows you to input your parts specs and find out things like power consumption, estimated flight times, parts incompatibilities, etc.  If you are planning to build a multicopter this is a great place to start!

**If you are looking for a specific parts list then please review the RCT800 actual parts list.

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