Cool Turnigy HAL quadcopter

Check out Rob’s cool quadcopter. The Turnigy HAL seems like a robust build. I watched Rob crash fairly hard without damage to the airframe at all. Unfortunately, he did break the landing gear (I have another friend who has broken these same gear in a crash… it may be obvious but these gear aren’t built for too much crashing):

Parts (cool rig!):

  • Hal (585mm) quadcopter
  • Multi Wii Pro 2.0 with ublock GPS
  • JDrones 880kv motors
  • Esc Turnigy plush non simonk

And here’s a shot of why you don’t hold your quadcopter while the props are spinning… Rob had a good crash and it seemed to temporarily put the gyros out a little. Rob was troubleshooting the issue while holding the quad, when the props clipped his arm at start up speeds causing some nice little cuts and bruises on his arm (ouch!):


I’d hate to see what flight speeds would do to your arm but this was a lesson learned (for me too). I’ve been wondering how dangerous these spinning props are!?


Cool Turnigy Talon octocopter!

Check out Brandon’s sweet custom Turnigy Talon (800):

Awesome custom work on Brandon’s part!

  • Started off as a Hexacopter and now it’s an Octo.
  • Alternating Motors (some face upwards and others down) allowing for huge props if needed
  • Custom LED lighting programming
  • Custom ESC and Chip mounts
  • Wiring runs inside the booms!

Awesome Rig!


RCT800 LED Lights v2

Added a strip of blue LEDs to both of the leading RCT800 arms in order to aid visibility (not following any regulations now). This makes it look more like a UFO but it’s still easy enough to lose orientation. Now that they have been installed I’ve realized that they would have been more practical on the bottom/side of the RCT800 arms; when the Hex is above you these LEDs are not visible!! I guess I’ll just have to add more LEDs and wait for lights version 3!!

It’s almost too bright to take a picture of:

RCT800 LED Lights v1

Every aircraft needs lights!! Added Red (left) and Green (right) LEDs to the RCT800. Also added some Red, Blue, and Green to the interior of the craft for “bling”. The LEDs are wired up on a Turnigy receiver switch and can be turned on and off from the TX!

In General, Proper lighting for an aircraft is:

  • Red on the Left – check, I did that ;.)
  • Green on the Right – check, I did that ;.)
  • White as far aft as possible – Nope, didn’t like that scheme and it’s only an RC UAV…


RCT800 Frame – Finally!

Finally the RCT800 Frame has arrived and I can do a little mock up while I wait for the last little bits and pieces. This is a pretty robust frame when assembled and it also seems relatively stiff. There are lots of screws needed for this frame design and they’ve got a tendency to come loose (a little locktite can go a long way here).  **Now that I’ve had the frame for a few months, I’ve had a few crashes (minor) without damaging anything so I know this is a strong frame.

I think everyone is smart to mock up their project before finally installing anything:

Here are all the pieces put together… Just waiting for the props (and a little soldering!) at this point:

DJI 30amp ESCs

Here are some shots of the 30amp DJI ESCs I bought for the RCT800 build… They’re all hooked up to the Naza-M w GPS in this shot. I’ve used these problem free and without updating the software/firmware or settings at all. Nicely packaged, seem to wok great, absolutely no instructions provided!!