350QX Maiden Flights

Have been dying to fly my new little Quad around to see what quality video I can get. I’m quite happy with the results given the less than ideal conditions for these test flights (this was a very windy day with 20-30km/h winds). A little tentative since the quad is new and I don’t have a good feel for it yet. It seems very stable but at the same time very maneuverable.

Initial thoughts:

  • This is a great stable little quadcopter!!
  • This rig seems ideal for a little camera! I think the “Jello table” camera mount is awesome since the quad doesn’t sound that smooth but the footage seems to be largely absent of vibration. I filmed the above in 20-30kms/h winds and for the most part you can’t tell it was windy. I think I need a similar camera mount for my RCT800 (maybe a little more robust because I’d like to carry a bigger camera)
  • Flight control functions are great and actually quite slick (return to home and safe circle). I paid ~~$400 for a Naza-M flight controller with GPS and only a little more for this fully functional quad. You could make a good argument for the Blade functions actually being better than the Naza but I haven’t done any kind of comparison (yet!).
  • For those of us that like to RTF… they need to provide a real one with the model.
  • Here’s another early flight… conditions weren’t ideal and the 350QX got a little wet because the fog was so thick… Still couldn’t resist going for a flight!!