Turnigy Receiver Controlled Switch – Wiring Setup

The Turnigy Receiver Switch is a neat little piece of hardware (tiny!) which allows you to turn things like LED lights On/Off from a free channel on your receiver. These are also pretty simple to install and use!

Here the switch itself (its tiny)…


The switch is pretty simple and has:

  • 2 Red (positive) Wires
  • 1 Plug for your receiver

So how do you wire this thing anyway?

Its actually quite easy but I will admit that I did this wrong once ;.)

If you check out the wiring diagram below you’ll notice that the correct way to install this switch is by simply wiring it into the positive line of what you are controlling (between the load and the battery). Its easy to install the switch but also easy to over think this too!


Here are the step by steps for setting up this switch. I am not going to discuss setting up your transmitter since there are many different models and possible setups:

  • The first step is very easy. Find an unused plug on your receiver and plug in your switch. In this case channel 8 was available.


  • The next step is still pretty easy. Solder one of the red (positive) wires to your power source/battery/wiring hardness.


  • Now its time to deal with the 2nd red wire coming out of your switch. The positive wire for anything you are controlling with your switch needs to terminate at this red wire. In this case the switch is controlling 4 sets of LEDs on different parts of the aircraft. I started by lengthening the wire to allow it to reach all the LEDs.


  • Every installation is bound to be a little bit different however the final wiring setup should look something like the picture below:
    • The switch is secured to the aircraft (circled in purple).
    • The 1st red wire from the switch attaches to the power source/battery (circled in pink).
    • Each negative wire for the LEDs terminates normally as it would without a switch (no change).
    • Now each positive wire for the LEDs only connects to the 2nd red wire from the switch (four connections circled in red).


3 thoughts on “Turnigy Receiver Controlled Switch – Wiring Setup

  1. Great tutorial. I have the Futaba 8j and the subs receiver using the tunigy switch. I am using ti to run LED lights on my Tarot 650 quad. Perfect. Thanks!!

    • Thanks Bob! (wish my wiring was a little neater but I was learning as I set this up). For some reason its remarkably easy to do this wrong even though its easy to wire up in the end. My first attempt was off ;.) so I thought I would document it.

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